Have you kept your resolution to find a new job?

According to the University of Scranton, only 8% of people manage to keep to their New Years resolutions which is a bit of a shocking statistic if you look at it.

Of course, some resolutions are out and out crazy. One of the top ones is “stop drinking”, which is probably promised at the end of the umpteenth Christmas party when you realise your liver and kidneys are trying to escape the pain. But, our bodies are pretty resilient and unless a doctor tells us to, we’re probably going to pick up a pint in the New Year.

But others are a bit easier, surely?

For example, a great many people will state that they’re fed up in their current role so will be seeking a new job. Here’s all they need to do:

  • Update their CV
  • Register on job sites
  • Apply for a job

Too hard?

Yes, of course it is!

Most people don’t like change. It’s unnatural, alien, worrying, but it can be the key to freedom, and personal freedom with a job you absolutely love is surely worth aiming for?

We spend the greatest part of our waking day working, usually for someone else in exchange for a wage. That wage then becomes what we use to buy our clothes, our food, our cars. But what is the real value of them if we don’t enjoy the time earning it?

You should love your job and if you don’t, you should move on to another one. If you struggle to get up for work every day and watch the clock while in the office, you’re not at your best and you’re not helping the company, either.

You owe it to yourself to be in a job you love, and now is a great time to find that job.

So what are you waiting for?