Importance of a mobile friendly job board

There are hundreds if not thousands of job boards in the UK, so which one should you spend your valuable advertising budget with?

Many factors will influence your decision, however the single most important factor to consider is whether the site is ‘mobile friendly’.

Mobile friendly is the term used to describe a website that looks good and works well on a mobile device such as a smart phone or tablet.

Over 40% of the job seekers that visit Hiredonline for example, do so via a mobile device. Hiredonline is a good illustration of a mobile friendly website as it not only looks great but it also allows job seekers to upload CVs via cloud storage such as Google Drive, Onedrive and Dropbox.

Put simply, the consequence of using a job board that is not mobile friendly means that you will be losing at least 40% of your job seeker traffic.

The best way to check if a job board is mobile friendly is to pull out your own smart phone and take a look for yourself. Check that the text is easy to read, pages are easy to navigate around and most importantly, the site allows you to upload a CV.