Shropshire’s Latest Campaign For Apprenticeships

The new initiative ‘Ladder For Shropshire’ (which was initially conceived by Prince Andrew) is a means for providing more apprenticeships and employment opportunities for young people. So far, the campaign has already helped dozens of young people get jobs in Shropshire and the surrounding area.

Since it’s launch last February, a total of 75 employers have chosen to take part which has resulted in a total of 118 new apprenticeship roles to be created over 27 different job titles.

The Ladder of Shropshire scheme came about after business were ‘crying out’ for workers of the younger generation. Most of the workforce in Shropshire is of the older generation, so a genuine risk of vital skills being lost is imminent if younger people aren’t recruited into jobs.

The campaign aimed primarily at forming new apprenticeships by matching Shropshire based employers with training providers, and also educating young people leaving school or college about the opportunities they have to learn on the job and start new and exciting careers.

Jamie Pugh, the marketing and communications officer for the Ladder for Shropshire said this about the new scheme:

“Since joining the campaign I have seen a dramatic increase in the number of people showing an interest in apprenticeships and the Ladder for Shropshire has had a huge part to play in that. The benefits attached to the apprenticeship route are now clearer than ever and I hope that we can help even more young people start exciting new careers in 2016. What has been exciting for everybody involved in the Ladder is that we have seen such a broad range of opportunities created.

It demonstrates the appeal that apprenticeships hold in a wide variety of industry sectors, and show that there is an appetite among employers of all different types to introduce new talent into the workforce, and to ensure there are bright, enthusiastic, motivated young people ready and willing to carry the skills that underpin their organisation for the future.”

Prince Andrew noted that it’s is all about having training available to young people. Regardless of their age or their education, young people are still going to have to be trained in whatever it is they want to do, and that is extremely important to Shropshire and any community for that matter.

The Ladder For Shropshire campaign is having great success, and the first role filled by the scheme caused a well deserved celebration for bosses of Wroxeter Roman Vineyard near Shrewsbury. They cracked open a bottle of red to celebrate the appointment of Stacey Jones, a local College student, who took the first role in the Ladder Of Shropshire campaign.